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My calling

Faith Saved Me

Like so many people I grew up relatively religious. I would go to church (mostly on holidays) and prayed but never consistently. Eventually I stepped away from religion and never looked back. Until… my life changed. Not to go into deep detail but I went through the hardest time of my life in the last couple of years. I have lost many people, I had lost part of myself, and I felt stuck. When I was completely done with my life it was a chaplain who saved me, a chaplain who helped me re-find my faith and it has never been stronger. I soon felt a calling. A calling to help others the way that chaplain helped me. I am currently working on my Master of Divinity to become a chaplain. Until then this is my idea of helping and spreading love and the word of God.

Blog Posts

These posts are meant to be more personal. They are meant to communicate with people and connect with people about multiple different topics revolving scripture, gospel and religion in general.

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Scripture Lessons

This is exactly what it sounds like. These posts are supposed to be and feel more educational and analytical as we dive into different verses of the scripture.

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What I blog about

My Calling

I believe that all Christians are called in some form to spread the word and love of God. Some do this through ministering some through blogs or social media some just spread love in person. I have felt the call to chaplaincy and that is what I am currently striving for but if interested I would like to give a little backstory to how I got where I am. As mentioned above I grew up slightly religious but honestly was never the church going every week type of person. As I got older, I turned away from faith, I didn’t believe at all anymore like many people I couldn’t accept how someone could let the world become what it is and do nothing. My life changed as I got older. In a span of a couple years, I lost my wife, I lost a couple family members, and I lost way too many good friends and somewhere in all of that I really started to lose myself. When I was at my lowest point, I didn’t want to go on, I didn’t want to live, it was a chaplain who helped me. We didn’t even talk about religion, we just talked. It wasn’t until weeks later he started talking to me about God. At the time I figured, I need something in my life, so I dove into my faith again and dove in hard. I started going to church, I started reading the bible and praying every night, I was trying to dedicate every part of myself to this. Where I started to feel my calling was when I was looking for a church to stay at. I bounced around looking for one and in what I would consider my first religious experience, I had a dream of a church. I remember everything about that church, how it looked, the windows, flags, signs, crosses every detail. That Sunday I went to a church I had never been to before and when I walked in, I stopped in place. As crazy as it sounds it looked exactly like the church in my dreams, every detail, and through the sermon and service everything about it felt right. I had been going to this church for a few weeks at this point and one day I had a rough day mentally. I needed a break, and I pulled over while I was driving on the edge of this field to just stop and think for a moment. In what I would consider my second religious experience, I saw a single white dove flying in the field. I sat there and watched it for a minute, flying beautifully before it flew away. The next Sunday there is a flag my church changes our every week and on that flag was a single white dove flying. Everything felt right in that moment, and I felt like I was on the path I needed to be on. Since, I continue to study and strengthen my faith and have had multiple dreams of being a chaplain and am pursuing them now as we speak. However, it is still a long road to go, and I wanted to find a way to share my love, faith, and thoughts with others so here we are.