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Being Baptized, How Do You Know You’re Ready?

Introduction: Making the decision in life to become baptized and saved is a very important decision that should never be taken lightly. It doesn’t matter if you grew up religious or you are finding your new faith, the question will always be, how do you know when you’re ready? It is never an easy question to answer because it varies person to person, it’s a feeling, a passion. However, there are still some things that you can think about and look for while trying to answer this question.

#1. Do you feel like you have been saved? The main point of baptism is feeling like you have been saved by God’s grace. So, what is being saved? In simple terms being saved is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior and that he died on the cross for our sins. Being saved before baptism is you admitting that you are a sinner, and you repent of your sins and accept that Jesus dying on the cross forgives you of those sins you have committed. Realize that it is more than just forgiving your sins, it is a commitment to always strive to defeat sins as they come into your life and maintain your faith in God always.

#2. Realize why baptism is important. If you are going to do anything in life it is important to fully understand what you are getting yourself into and baptism is no different. Some churches believe you must be baptized to receive salvation, others believe you do not, and baptism is more of an outward show of faith while your salvation comes from your relationship with God. The Bible talks about baptism multiple times throughout and speaks on its significance. In the book of Matthew, it speaks about Jesus being baptized, he rose on the water and heaven opened up, he saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and Gods voice from heaven said, “This is my son who I love, with him I am well pleased.” Later in Matthew it says, “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” In the book of Matthew, it is outlined as our duty to be baptized said so by God. Baptism is partly repenting and being forgiven of your sins but as mentioned it is a commitment being made to God that you will always follow him. Do your research on baptism, read about it in the Bible and pray on it. Realizing what baptism means and the purpose behind it as stated in the Bible and what it means to you personally can help you make the decision if you are spiritually ready or not.

#3. Speak to your Pastor. Speaking to your Pastor or a leader in the Church can help you figure out the steps needed to be taken and what may be required by your Church. Your Pastor can also help to offer you advice and spiritual guidance on signs and feelings of being ready for baptism.

#4. Take classes. Some Church’s offer classes, some are required before baptisms, some may not have classes at all. However, taking a class no matter the requirement by your Church can be very beneficial. You can learn more about the true meaning of Baptism and about the Bible as a whole and be surrounded by people who are also on the same journey as you. You can even find and take some classes online or do your own research.

Closing: Being baptized is a huge and important decision in life and can be a clean slate, a turning point in one’s life and should be treated as such but should not be taken lightly. Make sure you do your due diligence and take the right steps to make sure this is something you truly want and feel deep inside. Once you have the feeling can take over you. Being baptized is an amazing experience, accomplishment and feeling. Bless you all.

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