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5 Reasons I Love Going to a Smaller Church

I have been going to a smaller church my entire life. I have church bounced and have tried larger churches with many people, and while it is all a personal preference these are some of the reasons, I much prefer my smaller church over large congregations. But remember, this is all personal preference and however you decide to worship God is your own choice as long as you have a place of worship where you feel safe, loved and committed to your faith.

  1. I truly feel I hear the word of God preached every Sunday. Obviously, not all large churches are the same but, in my time, church bouncing when I moved to a new location, most of the larger churches I went to felt more like I was just listening to the pastor talk, most of the time about his or her own personal opinions or experiences. For me, in my smaller church with my pastor it feels more genuine than a large speech to a group of people. I truly feel God’s word.
  2. Personal relationship with my pastor. This was actually on of my biggest problems or hang ups with larger churches I went to. I wanted to be somewhere that I felt the pastor truly knew me and was open to speak whenever I needed. I feel larger churches made that more difficult to happen and felt much more disconnected. In my church I have a personal relationship with my pastor who I can message whenever I need, and he is quick to answer. He’s offered my advice and guidance and we have talked about God and religion over lunch and dinners multiple times. Having an open communication with my pastor has helped me strengthen my faith more, especially through times of doubt.
  3. The church itself feels like a family. When I was going to larger churches it felt more like groups of people. Almost like cliques like you have in high schools. There were just too many people to know everyone. However, at my church because there are less people, we all know each other, we check in with each other and always help each other when needed. It feels more like a family that I can trust and will be there for me if I need them.
  4. My church does more events together. This feeds off of the last point of us feeling like a family. Part of this is because we as a church do many events together. Whether that is a volunteer event, a simple bible study, or planning missions around the world. We grow closer together as a family because of all of these events. While in my experience with larger churches it was difficult to always do events as often due to the sheer amount of people.
  5. People will notice if you’re gone. To some this may be a negative to some a positive but to me at larger churches if I was gone or missed an event nobody would think twice, if they even knew me. However, at my church now if I miss something, people notice. They will check in to make sure everything is okay and say how they missed you and can’t wait until your back. It is a good feeling to have people looking out for you and caring. On another note, it helps with accountability. Some people need others to help hold them accountable. It is a lot harder to skip church just because you do not want to when everyone will notice your gone.

Conclusion: Each person is different and has different preferences. Just remember, no matter how you worship, just strive to grow your faith and confidence in yourself and God. Always try to surround yourself with people you care about and people who care about you so you can all push each other to be better in the long run.

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